Questions + Answers


We are honored to be considered for your portrait session! It is so important to keep up with photos of these special times….. the years and stages only happen once and photos are a keepsake you will treasure forever.

Q. What is a Lifestyle Photographer?

A. You can go to any of the studios in the mall and get professional pictures taken. You will feel rushed and stressed and more than likely, the end product won’t really reflect the true personality of your child. Lifestyle Photography is completely different, while I can do studio type portraits and have a portable studio, I want to capture your little one in their true environment doing what they do best, being children!

Q. What will my session be like?

A. My sessions take place at the location of your choice. This can be in your own home, at a park, outside in your back yard; the opportunities are endless as long as there is lots of natural light. I prefer to do the sessions in either the morning or the late afternoon when natural light is soft. Your session will be very laid back and I can guarantee that everyone will have fun while being photographed!

Q. What Clothes Are Best?

A. When it comes to clothes, I love simplicity. A white onsey or denim with a simple cotton top is beautiful. Sweaters with hoods are also great. Try to pick a color that really goes beautifully with their eyes or skin tone, it will really enhance the images. Clothing with texture to it is also beautiful such as lace, corduroy, knits, etc. I also think it is a great memory to chose one of their favorites like their favorite jammy’s! If you have any cute accessories for them like a hat, beanie, necklace, favorite doll, or even sunglasses, that adds a really fun element. Also, try to pull out a few blankets that have beautiful texture like white crochet, furry chocolate brown, or a just color that compliments what they will be wearing. Another idea is to forget the clothes! There is nothing sweeter than a baby at bath time covered in bubbles and those little chubby arms and legs!

Q. More info, what should we wear?

A. Newborns & Babies:

I like to photograph newborns in their natural state, naked! I bring along a space heater to make sure they are nice and warm. I expect my blankets to get soiled and am always prepared for that. Hats and blankets with interesting textures and colors make for great portraits. I will also come with a bag of adorable hats and wraps that we can use. Parents of newborns should wear a solid long sleeve, black or white shirt. Also be prepared to do some skin on skin shots if you are up for it!

For older babies, ages 3-9 months, I also like to do some photographs of them in the buff or with a diaper cover on. For outfits, I love bright colors and simple patterns.

Children: For children, anything goes! I prefer to keep things simple to help keep your photographs looking timeless but we can make a few different outfit changes. I suggest a more neutral outfit with bold colors and then let’s let the kids have fun, bring out the tu-tu’s, pettiskirts, fun hats and cowboy boots!

Adults: Coordinate your outfits to your children but don’t be too matchy. Stick to solid colors and dress comfortably; I want to capture your natural style. And, accessorize! Scarves, jewelry, shoes, etc… all make for fun photos!

Q. What about Props?

A. I love using props with babies and kids! Nothing too cheesy or unnatural of course! Just cute kid stuff you probably already have around your house. A big chunky necklace, favorite doll, a football or soccer ball, a few fresh cut flowers, sea shells, or even sunglasses. Since I love to photograph hands and feet, it is great to have them holding something they love.

Q. What is the best time for the shoot?

A. Generally, I feel the morning or late afternoon usually wins for the best time of the day. The light is beautiful and golden!

Q. What is the best location for the shoot?

A. We are lucky enough to live in an area with an endless supply of beautiful locations to choose from. We will have a session planning consult to discuss your favorite types of environment and pick our location together!

Q. What is the most important thing I can do?

A. I think the most important tip is to just have a fun time with it! Your child will pick up on your mood and follow right along. If you make it all a fun game they will really have a great time and the photos will be beautiful. I specialize in natural light, modern custom portraiture. I love what I do and it shows in every photo I take. My style is very organic and natural; you’ll never hear me utter the words “say cheese”. I’m also very flexible and will try to work with you to get the best results. You will walk away from a session with me with unique and original photos that will be treasured forever.

Q. Do you retouch the photos?

A. I retouch every photo/digital file you order by balancing colors, skin tones, contrast and saturation. It will look like the color and tone you already see in my portfolio.

Q. How do I view my photos after the shoot?

A. Within 2 weeks of your photo shoot, I will put your photos online for you to view and select your favorites as well as which package you would like.